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1 of subjects treated with avodart and more commonly than in subjects treated with placebo, are impotence, decreased libido, ejaculation disorders , and breast disorders.

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Pgnancy. In animal poduction and dvlopmntal toxicity studis, dutastid inhibitd dvlopmnt mal tus xtnal gnitalia. Tho, AVODAT may caus tal ham whn administd ta pgnant woman. I AVODAT is usd duing pgnancy i th patint bcoms pgnant whil taking AVODAT, th patint should b appisd th potntial hazad tth tus [s WANINGS AND PCAUTIONS , Us In Spciic Populations ]. Womn childbaing potntial [s WANINGS AND PCAUTIONS , Us In Spciic Populations ]. Pdiatic patints [s Us In Spciic Populations ]. Patints with pviously dmonstatd, clinically signiicant hypsnsitivity (.g., sious skin actions, angiodma) tAVODAT oth 5 alpha-ductas inhibitos [s ADVS ACTIONS ].

StAvodat at oom tmpatu away om moistu and hat. Th capsuls may bcom sot and laky, thy may stick togth i thy gt tohot. Dnot us any capsul that is cackd laking. Call you phamacist instuctions on how tsaly dispos a laking Avodat capsul.

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AVODAT is containdicatd us in womn childbaing potntial, including nusing womn. It is not known whth dutastid is xctd in human milk.

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i m told by him and the doctor who prescribed avodart that it could not have caused my condition and it s because i m getting older, i m 65 now.